Clean & Green

Here at LaLuna we care about the Planet and as such we have created a candle that is as #Clean&Green as we can make it, using only the finest of ingredients.

Amber glass jars - Apart from giving an atmospheric, ambient glow to any room, these candle vessels are recyclable - in fact we want you to re-use your vessel.

Scrape out the remaining wax and pop the vessel in the dishwasher (or hot soapy water) and be as creative as you want.  Plant pots, storage jars, toothbrush holders, make up brush holders.  The list is endless really.

Soy Wax – This is a clean burning, vegetable wax.  The Soy we use is 100% Soy, no additives or extras.  This wax offers a clean burning, and longer lasting candle because it is a vegetable wax made from the oil of the Soyabean.  Thus making it a completely natural product.  To top it off it is Vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Cotton and Linen Wicks – Our wicks have been especially designed for vegetable waxes, they are made from unbleached cotton and interwoven with a linen thread and coated with a natural vegetable wax.  Each fragrance has its own specific wick.  

Fragrance Oils – Here at LaLuna it is our fragrances that set us apart.  Our fragrances are a unique mix of complex scents.  Did you know it is our nose that triggers our biggest and most vivacious memories.  Our fragrance oils have been specially formulated for use in candles, and they love the heat combination of Soy wax and the cotton wicks. Vegan – friendly is the icing on the cake for us.

Boxes and packaging All of our packaging is recyclable. 

The candle making process – Every single candle is hand poured and hand labelled by Me 😊