About LaLuna



LaLuna was founded last year, 2021 in Greystones, Co Wicklow, from an idea that began when I started looking into reducing the amount of chemicals in my daily routine.  Experimenting with making soap, bath salts & body oils eventually led me to candles.

I *adore* candles.

I adore making candles.


I was a Halloween baby so my interest in the stars, sky and energy surrounding us has always been very intense. I have studied many energy healing modalities including Reiki and the practice of Yoga. And Yes. I leave my crystals bathing in the power of the moon. 

 Ahh ... The Moon.  I have always loved her. Her quiet power over the tides, the majestical way she sits and watches over us, a constant presence.  A constant reminder that there is always a fresh start, a new time to begin.  Each fragrance is typical launched on a Full Moon, and most of my candles are made in the days coming up to and after a Full & New Moon.


The path to launching my own business has been full of Ups and Downs –

Learning mass v’s volume formulas, the latest EU regulations regarding fragrance oils and chemicals in the home, not to mention getting to grips with Insta reels. 

The hat that I wear is constantly evolving. 

Every step is done by Me. 

The candle recipe, the cleaning, the labelling, the packing, the photos, the accounts, the sales pitch. 


 The Business mission – is to create a unique luxury range of home fragrances combined with being as kind to Planet Earth as I possibly can!!