Ocean of Storms - Black gloss vessel - 30cl

Ocean of Storms - Black gloss vessel - 30cl

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Ocean of Storms 

Mint, Ginger & Amber

30cl Black gloss vessel with black box



The perfect accompaniment to the fresh Spring days and dark Spring nights.


Opening strongly with fresh, crisp Mint and a sniff of lemon. The heart of the fragrance awaits with warming Ginger and the smallest hint of Clove. It eventually settles within the warmth of Amber.



 Imagine ..... -the waft of a Moroccan breeze at dusk, and a hot cup of fresh mint Tea.


As always .. LaLuna Candles are -


🌙Vegan friendly

🌙Cruelty free

🌙CLP compliant

🌙Registered on ECHA (European Chemical Hazard Agency)

🌙Eco – Conscious

🌙Plastic free

🌙Batch labelled.